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The Driving Theory Test

The multiple-choice section of the theory test requires to to answer 50 multi-choice questions. The questions are on various driving topics. The questions are delivered on a touch screen computer. To pass you have to answer 43 or more questions correctly in the given time of 57 minutes. Prior to the test starting proper you will be able to practice for up to 15 minutes.

Hazard Perception Test

After the multi-choice section has finished you will be allowed a break of up to three minutes. After this break the hazard perception test will begin with a video tutorial explaining how to take the test.

It consists of fourteen video clips each around one minute in duration.

In each video you will see a variety of road/traffic hazards. Some will be static hazard such as stationary vehicles. What you need to look out for are developing hazards that will result in the driver having to either stop, change speed or change direction. The sooner you identify such a hazard the more points you score. The point range is from 0 to 5.

13 of the 14 video clips will require you to identify one hazard with the other clip requiring you to identify two hazards.

To pass to must score 44 or more points.

Show Me, Tell Me Test
This aims to test you on general car maintenance. The examiner will ask you two quite simple questions. The questions are freely available and you should have no trouble passing this test.

Practical Driving Test
The duration of this test is 35-40 minutes. In order to pass you must demonstrate that you have a good understanding of the Highway code and have the ability to drive safely on various types of roads and traffic conditions.

You will also have to successfully perform two reversing manoeuvres - either a parallel par, a bay park or a turn in the road. You may also be asked to carry out an emergency stop.

To pass the test, you must not commit more than 15 minor driving faults or any dangerous or serious driving faults.

On the day of the test you must present the following documentation:

Both parts of your provisional licence (photo card and paper counter document) If you have the old type paper licence you will also have to bring a valid passport. No other form of photo identification will be accepted.

Booking form or reference number.

Theory test pass certificate (for the practical test).

The test costs £56.50 on a week day or £67.00 over the weekend.

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